Crispy Edge, St. Louis’ Potsticker-Themed Restaurant, Is Good, Not Gimmicky

Are you hungry for some potstickers?

Traditional potstickers are stuffed with ginger pork and cabbage, then served with citrus ponzu glaze and daikon microgreens.


At the Crispy Edge on a recent glorious autumn Sunday, the only thing sunnier than the weather was owner David Dresner’s disposition.


“Happy potstickers!” he called to our party as we walked out the door, a goodbye that was no gimmick but rather an earnest expression of enthusiasm for all things dumpling.


Coming from anyone other than Dresner, the sendoff might seem ridiculous. However, a passion for potstickers is woven into the very fabric of Dresner’s being. And it’s not a recent development. He’s been this way ever since he was a little kid, making dumplings alongside his grandfather in the Chicago suburbs.


At first, it started out simply as a way to connect. After successfully battling cancer, his grandfather left a career in the military and business to go to culinary school, and he was eager to share his passion for food with an equally eager Dresner.


But it wasn’t just any food that would bring the pair together. Dresner’s grandfather was a Korean War veteran, and he’d fallen in love with the Korean dumplings called mandu when he was serving abroad. It was his culinary go-to, and some of Dresner’s fondest memories involve hanging out with his grandpa, hands covered in dough.


Author: Tim