St. Louis connections abound at the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum in Kansas City

America’s Pastime has a checkered history much like America’s Past. Racism’s roots run deep in the game of baseball to a time when the ball diamond was clouded with hatred and segregation.


“You’ll never see a greater example of love of the game. They had to love it to endure the things they had to endure,” said museum president Bob Kendrick.


“These athletes never cried about the social injustice, they went and did something about it.” Added Kendrick.


Kendrick is a human museum of stats and stories.


“That’s a young Henry Aaron leaving Mobile, AL 1952 to go join the Indianapolis Clowns. He told me, Bob. I may have had two changes of clothes in that bag, a $1.50 in my pocket and a ham sandwich that my momma made me going to chase that dream. It worked out pretty well for the hammer.” Added Kendrick.


Author: Tim